Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mountain Air

I have just spent the week in Whistler with my husband, youngest daughter and her friend. We have hiked on the mountain, played in snow, seen chipmunks and bears, been swimming in the lake and pool, laid on the beach, shopped and laughed like silly fools for days. The last time we were here was during the Olympic Winter Games. The pace is significantly slower to say the least.

It is so wonderful to be here enjoying each others company and the fresh mountain air. Unfortunately the air changed yesterday with a shift of the wind. There are forest fires to the Northeast and the smoke has filled the valley. Even though the reason for the smoke is devastating, it also brings a strange beauty. Everything has an amazing golden haze and glow and the air has a sweet smell.

I am just about to pack up the car - the girls are running down to get one last dip in the pool. We will take a leisurely ride home - probably stop along the way to check out the sights and no doubt get some ice cream.

No hurries - no worries.


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