Thursday, July 15, 2010


So no, it did not take me this long to recover from the race on July 4th. We did well - ok - we did not come last. We did however, raise plenty of funds. The real reason for my absence is that I was on vacation with my daughter on Salt Spring Island.

It was really beautiful and wonderful to be away on our own - doing the girl bonding thing. We did spend considerable time looking at art. Salt Spring is a hub for artists and artisans of every description. Everything from wood turning, glass blowing, painting, felting, to the art of cheese. Yes, I said cheese. If you have the opportunity to try Salt Spring cheese (it is quite famous) do - it is incredible.

My daughter has the art bug. She received a scholarship this year to attend the Artists for Kids program this year and next. Being around all of the art of Salt Spring was quite inspirational. We spent hours collecting small flat shells that had naturally been worn to flat rectangles on a beach we found. Arden intends on making a mosaic with them and then painting an elaborate pattern.

Today's Google Doodle will be an inspiration too. Check it out.


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